Motorola Rugged Handheld Scanner



Reliable, high-performance scanning for extreme environments

The rugged handheld scanners from Motorola are designed to maximize productivity by providing optimum performance, even in less-than-optimum conditions.

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Motorola Rugged Handheld Scanner Benefits
Under some conditions, however, durability isn’t enough. In your warehouse, manufacturing facility, supply yard or delivery route, you need scanners built to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions. You need equipment able to endure being dropped repeatedly to concrete or being covered in mud, dust, grease or water. Motorola has created a line of rugged scanners that provide the same functionality the world has come to expect of Motorola’s general-purpose Symbol scanners, yet are built to withstand the harshest environments.

Ensure day-in and day out continuous operation in harsh conditions Many industrial environments need scanners that are not only able to withstand the elements and heavy wear, but are also designed to deliver the performance required to keep up with high-speed applications and fast-paced environments. Symbol rugged bar code scanners from Motorola combine industry-leading data capture technology with an exterior virtually impervious to damage, allowing you to ensure operator productivity while guarding against unnecessary equipment downtime or expensive equipment replacement costs.

When you operate in harsh, dirty and extreme environments, these rugged scanners will keep on performing. Each one is sealed to IP65, IP54 or IP53 standards—some of the highest in the industry —minimizing the chances of damage occurring should the scanner be sprayed with liquids or covered with dirt and dust. Your scanners will also continue working if your employees drop them from pallets or forklifts to concrete — even repeatedly. And since our rugged scanners are designed for industrial environments, which are often noisy, they come equipped with beepers and bright LED indicators to let your operators easily tell when they’ve completed each scan. With our rugged scanners, you’ll optimize productivity while reducing the need for equipment repairs, ultimately lowering your total cost of ownership.

The rugged Symbol handheld scanners from Motorola feature fuzzy logic technology for fast and accurate reading of damaged, dirty and poorly printed one-dimensional (1D) bar codes typically found in industrial environments.

In the yard, warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing plant or retail store, the Symbol rugged handheld scanners offer superior performance, reliability and user-friendly ergonomics to improve productivity.

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