T3-OPX Wide-Format & Durable Overprinting System

A Durable Overprinting System Designed for Converters & Manufacturers

  • High print speed up to 18 inches per second (27m/min or 90 ft per minute)
  • Superior print resolution up to 1200 dpi
  • Print width up to 11.7” (297mm)
  • Automized calibration of print height (up to 100mm)
  • Full-color printing (CMYK)
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T3-OPX Wide-Format & Durable Overprinting System Benefits
The T3-OPX represents a breakthrough next-generation overprinting solution designed to print on a wide variety of ink-receptive surfaces such as cardboard, postcards, boxes, paper bags, wooden planks, or thicker objects like blister envelopes or folded boxes ready for shipment.
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