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Get access to leading global brands

William Brandt Technology sources its products from the global market and operates exclusive New Zealand distributorships. This includes the Avery Dennison Monarch division – world leader in handheld pricing gun labellers, and QuickLabel Systems – world leaders in colour label printer NZ for end users.

Thermal Label Printer

We guarantee that everything we sell, we can service.

Most print companies are capable of determining a suitable label printer for your application. Where they fall down though is what happens after the purchase. We’ve heard time and time again from businesses that just don’t the support on the label printers they’ve purchased. Whilst you can’t avoid things breaking, you can avoid companies that don’t support their products. When you join the 1000s of kiwi companies working with William Brandt Technology, you get full support & servicing from local and global product experts.

How it Works

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2. Find out the best product or material for your application

You can also see price gun and label printer pricing on our website.

3. Start printing your own labels

If anything goes wrong with your machine or labeller, we’ll happily service it to get it back up and running as soon as possible.

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