Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) NZ

Digitise your supply chain for improved labour efficiency, safety, inventory accuracy, traceability, transparency, and sustainability.

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Industry Applications


Link the physical to the digital world with a smart food supply chain that tracks everything, from farm to fork.


Make your front and back-of-house inventory tracking as efficient and accurate as possible.


Your supply chain, from source to final destination, for any item, completely connected.

RFID is the future of the supply Chain

With a few labellers and scanners, you can get a complete overview of your supply chain. From the factory to the store, or the farm to the restaurant. You can be sure of exactly what you’ve ordered, where its from and whether it meets your standards.

William Brandt Technology is the authorised distributor of 

Avery Dennison RFID products in New Zealand.

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RFID Products

ADTP 2 RFID Printer

Print accurate RFID-encoded labels and tags quickly.


The only mobile onepiece
solution that can encode &
print RFID labels on demand


Automatically identify and track tags attached to your products

Take control of your Supply Chain today

1. Learn about RFID

We’ll determine how you can best incorporate RFID into your supply chain & inventory management.

2. Implement RFID

A product specialist will come onto your site to set up your scanners, RFID printer encoders and sensors.

3. gain full control Visibility over your supply chain

Track the transformation from raw materials through to packaged goods. Save time on inventory and money on dated goods & theft.

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