Monarch Price Guns, Date Guns & Tag Attachers

Handheld price guns, attachers, tagging guns or hand held labellers provide a quick way to apply retail price tags to a wide selection of products.

Monarch 1136 2-Line Handheld Pricing Gun Labeller

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Monarch Handheld Pricing Guns, Date Guns & Tag Attachers
By Avery Dennison

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to apply retail tags to your products? Then check out our range of handled price guns, date guns and tag attachers.

Easy to load price and date labellers:

Whether you’re working in a shop floor or a freezer, we’ll have the right handheld labeller for your environment. With labellers that are strong, lightweight and able to print anything, you’ll have a long lasting and reliable tool that can display all your information.

And, because they can print custom labels with your store and logo, it means that your business will continue to be advertised. This’ll remind your customers where their product was bought and leads to repeat business. Complement your price stickers and graphic tags with our options for garment tagging, which means you can quickly and securely attach prices, brand messages and other information.

What is a Plastic Tag Attacher / Tagging Gun?

A tag attacher, or a needle gun, allows you to attach barcodes and prices to your products on sale. Usually, tag attachers attach paper or cardboard price tags to clothing by forcing a plastic fastener through a hole in both the price tag and clothing item. This won’t damage your clothing and keeps the tag firmly in place. Inquire about them now as they are available for immediate delivery or collection.

Unsure of the best solution? Get in touch with a specialist today and we can help you scope out your requirements