Monarch 1153 Three Line Date Gun

The 1153® 3 Line Handheld Price Labeller with large labels and print format allow you to pack plenty of information on a single generous size label.

Perform a variety of functions in many different environments. Quality checks in the factory, inventory control for shipping and receiving, recording serial numbers, in your stockroom and on the selling floor–the 1153® 3 Line Labeller does it all!


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Type of Product
Lines of Print



The ultimate in price labelling and information printing – three lines with up to 36 positions!

Ideal Label Applications
  • Price Comparison
  • Department Numbers
  • Style or Serial Numbers
  • Numeric Dates
  • Employee Numbers
  • Shift and Location Info

Easy to Use

The easy-load design makes changing labels a snap–on average 75% less time compared to other Labelers. No complicated feed patterns. Labels flow easily through labeler with minimal waste. The Monarch® 1153® 3 Line Labeller has an easy-turn dial that enables you to instantly print labels or make on the spot changes. Print clear, easy-to-read labels for positive identification. The snap-in/pop-out ink rollers are easy too–takes 97% less time to change than other Labelers. Alleviate messy ink on your hands, clothes or merchandise.
Monarch 1153 3-Line Promotional Handheld Pricing Gun Labeller
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