Avery Dennison Snap 500 Care Label Printer

In-Plant Care Label Printing Made Easy.

The SNAP 500 multi-headed printer has up to three printheads to accommodate factories that want or need an extra colour on one side of their care labels. 

Type of Product
Lines of Print



Applications for this capability include:

  • Warning Information – For regulations requiring warning information be printed in red
  • Variable Emphasis – Draw consumer attention to key variable information for competitive advantage
  • Brand Emphasis – Using colour, ensure brand information is top-of-mind for the consumer
The SNAP™500 care label printer enables you to produce care and content labels in your manufacturing facility, allowing you to respond quickly to your customers’ requirements. Care label tape printing includes:
  • Coated polyester
  • Nylon
  • Satin weave
  • Heat seal
Avery Dennison Snap 500 Printer Care Label Fabric
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