V-Tool Tagging Gun

Cut the time it takes to hand tag merchandise in half with the V-Tool fastening system!

Efficiently apply loop-fastened tags to:

  • Horticultural nets
  • Belts
  • Handbags
  • Wallets
  • Sporting Goods
  • Sun Glasses
  • Kitchen Utensils


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The Avery Dennison V-Tool Tagging Gun Benefits:

  • Unique dual hook and tag holder eliminates the need to hand apply with fasteners, strings or pins.
  • Cuts the tedious task of hand tagging over 50%! Tag more products quicker, easier. The time saved can be used to perform other essential tasks in your store.
  • Doesn’t require merchandise to be penetrated by a needle. Instead it uses a loop-fastened tag that is applied when the hook applicator wraps around a strap or belt loop, through a zipper pull or button hole.
  • Holds 50 easy to load double ended V-Fasteners. Slip in a clip, lock in place, squeeze the trigger and start saving time. The V-Tool will help eliminate wear and tear on your fingers too!

If it ‘wears’ a tag, you need a V-Tool fastening system. V-Tool fasteners are tamper-evident. They have an arrow and barrel configuration that forms a strong mechanical lock. The fasteners cannot be removed without destroying the loop or damaging the tags.

  • Faster and easier to apply than hand applied loop/circle type fasteners
  • More efficient than removing tangled loop fasteners from a bag
  • Saves wear and tear plus injuries to fingers
  • Tag holder and tag retainer makes one hand operation possible
  • Versatile on a variety of hard goods and accessories, multiple sizes available
  • More durable and reliable than previous versions of loop/circle type application tools
  • Easy to load and apply fasteners, change fastener sizes in seconds
  • Watch the Avery Dennison V-Tool Loop Fastening Gun in action
Avery Dennison V-Tool Tagging Gun
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