Mark III Tagging Gun



A top quality, extremely durable tagging gun. Designed for general purpose fastening and tagging – ideal for high volume tagging, labeling and pairing for retail and industrial environments.

The Avery Dennison Mark III (Mark 3) manual tagging tool is unrivalled in terms of quality, and consequently, Avery Dennison is the preferred tagging tool brand of many big name high street retailers. The Mark III comes complete with needle, needle cover, wrist lanyard and instructions.

Mark III Tagging Gun Benefits

The Avery Dennison Mark III Pistol Tool Tag Attacher for general purpose fastening and tagging – a tagging gun ideal for high volume tagging, labeling and pairing for retail and industrial environments.

  • Ideal for tagging light to medium weight fabrics such as cotton, cotton twill or corduroy
  • Improved ergonomic design – easy squeeze mechanism for operator comfort
  • Utilises the 50 clip fasteners

We also stock replacement Tagging Gun Needles and Tagging Barbs for this Tagging Gun as well as Price Tags and Stock Tickets.
Avery Dennison Mark III Tagging Gun needles have a plastic base with all-steel needle.

Needle choices–gives you more options:

  • General Purpose SG® replacement needles are available with plastic shank or for thick, bulky fabric a heavy duty all steel needle
  • Avery Dennison Mark III Tag Attacher needles have a plastic base with all-steel needle. For heavier fabrics, the Mark III Tag Attacher can be switched out to an all steel needle

Regular Needles – $42.15 per pkt of 5
Fine Needles – $55.05 per pkt of 5

The cutting blade is built in to these needles, which means the base of the needle has a sharp knife to separate the fasteners from their clips. This way, every time you replace the needle, you get a new sharp knife as well. By doing this, you are assured the best experience while tagging. These smooth Dennison style needles are finished to significantly reduce the risk of causing holes and snags in fabrics.

Plastic Fasteners

Simple, sensible security, and now they’re tangle free. Each clip holds 50 fasteners and now they’re connected at both ends to avoid tangling. Our sturdy plastic fasteners have smooth edges that won’t snag expensive or fine material. Great for use with apparel, plush toys, linen and fabrics.Prices shown per pack. Pack quantity 5,000 or 10,000 for Fine 25mm.

Itemmm1 pk5 pks10pks
Regular Hook50112.55107.90

Security loops for hard to price goods.

Make price switching difficult with our security loops; just push in and the fastener is locked in place. These loops are the perfect solution for fashion accessories, handbags, pet products, sporting goods and apparel. Prices shown per pack. Pack Quantity 5,000

Item1 pk5 pks10 pks
75mm TL-75mm43.8533.5028.85
125mm TL-125mm92.6089.4587.40
225mm TL-225mm107.3098.4095.85
Beaded Adjustable TBL-125mm222.95218.40214.80
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