Monarch 1152 Two Line Date Gun

Promotion at its best

The Monarch® 1152 ® Two Line Labeller is ideal for labeling larger merchandise, impulse items, promotional merchandise – any product you want noticed. Independent studies show that customers make 65% of their retail decisions on impulse when standing within three feet of a product. Grab attention–increase your sales.


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Avery Dennison Monarch 1152 Two Line Date Gun Labeller offers unparalleled features, flexibility and ease-of-use in today’s promotional pricemarking. Keep merchandise moving with bold pricing! Undoubtedly the largest labeller characters we offer. Customers see product and buy.

Benefits include:

  • Save time loading labels
  • Snap in ink rollers take less time to change
  • Proven in an independent study to help increase sales by 65% over conventional in-store labeing pricing methods
  • Bright, attention-getting large pricing labels
  • Accurate, easy character selection
  • 7 HUGE characters for promotional pricing
  • BOLD pricing helps customers zero in on your merchandise
  • Increase your sales by grabbing your customer’s attention
  • Lightweight design lets you pricemark right on the shelf

Easy to Use

  The easy-load design makes changing labels a snap–on average 75% less time compared to other Labelers. No complicated feed patterns. Labels flow easily through labeler with minimal waste. The Monarch 1152 Two Line Date Gun Labeller has an easy-turn dial that enables you to instantly print labels or make on the spot changes. Print clear, easy-to-read labels for positive identification. The snap-in/pop-out ink rollers are easy too–takes 97% less time to change than other Labelers. Alleviate messy ink on your hands, clothes or merchandise.  


The Monarch 1152 Two Line Date Gun Labeller has minimal moving parts so there is less downtime. The ABS plastic used in our Labeler is nearly indestructible. Tested and shown to withstand multiple impacts from being dropped a distance, up to five feet from the floor. Our ink rollers give you consistent print on every label everytime. All Monarch® Labelers have a One-Year Written Warranty.  

Big Bright Labels

Jumbo labels in bright attention getting fluorescent colors pop off your product. Several labels even have serrated edges and pre-printed promotional messages for that additional zing! When pricing for ‘after the sale’, choose the part gum label. For dark colored packaging, we stock a White label.
Monarch 1152 2 Line Promotional Handheld Pricing Gun Labeller
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