Is it cost effective to print your own colour labels in house?

Find out your cost per label below with your given dimensions & artwork.


William Brandt Technology works with businesses to improve supply chain efficiency and reduce production costs through reliable product identification solutions. We also ensure that all labelling and scanning equipment we sell Рworks.

Gain full control over your supply chain with a colour label printer and eradicate label inventory, as well as lead times.

Make updates, changes and run promotions as desired/required with strong short run capabilities.

Size Description Cost Per Label Total
40mm x 90mm Gloss Paper $0.06c $84.27/roll of 1400
76mm x 90mm Gloss Paper $0.10c $145.42/roll of 1400
100mm x 150mm Gloss Paper $0.20c $164.14/roll of 800
70mm Circular Gloss Paper $0.08c $134.00/roll of 1700
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