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Dymo LW450 Label Writer Thermal Direct Printer

Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo

$159.00 + GST

It’s no secret that Dymo has dominated the desktop label printer industry for a long time now. Recently, by incorporating RFID chips into their labels, they have secured their spot over the label market, making it next to impossible to get your labels from elsewhere. As a result, the price of labels for the Dymo has skyrocketed

With recent innovations from other companies however, there are now new machines that provide the same speed, convenience and ease-of-use as Dymo.  

Introducing the HPRT LPQ80

$135.00 + GST

The HRPT label printer attempts to rival the Dymo label printer with the ability to print any label up to 80mm wide.

The HPRT has the ability to print all labels, regardless of manufacturer. This means that the cost of labels has now come down significantly.

  • Black sensor marked
  • No black sensor mark
  • RFID chipped labels 

With the launch of the HPRT, the cost of labels for your desktop label printer has been reduced significantly. 

See below for pricing comparison across different suppliers in NZ.

OfficeMax PriceWarehouse Stationery PriceDiscount Office Stationery PriceWilliam Brandt Technology Price
28mm x 89mm - 260 Labels per Roll$32.50$28.69$24.00$14.00
54mm x 101mm - 220 Labels per Roll$42.75$37.38$30.90$15.20
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