Newland HR 22 2D Scanner



Powerful, versatile and durable.

  • The Newland range of scanners are the most robust and cost effective that we’ve come across.
Newland HR 22 2D Scanner Benefits
Versatile Applicability

Armed with Newland’s technology, the NLS-HR11 Plus is optimized for fast scanning of barcodes printed on paper or displayed on screen to cater to the diverse requirements of emerging applications including O2O.

Cost-effective Solution

The NLS-HR11 Plus delivers outstanding scanning performance and excellent user experiences at an affordable price.

Elegant Appearance

Blending ergonomics and aesthetics in its design, the scanner not only ensures operator comfort and productivity for intensive hand-held scanning but also meets the aesthetic needs of the O2O era.

Powerful Data Editing Capability 

The scanner allows customizing scanned data with ease and provides supporting software to address diverse application needs.

Durable Construction

The scanner built into an IP42-sealed and drop resistant (1.5m) housing with no moving parts fortifies itself inside and out.

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