Toshiba B-EX4T Benchtop Label Printer

Toshiba has packaged the superior design elements of the market-leading Benchtop Label Printer B-SX4 into the matt-black B-EX4 to provide customers with a high-end industrial product at a mid-range price.


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This Benchtop Label Printer has a user-friendly front panel for easy operation and status reporting with helpdesk. This benchtop printer is designed and manufactured with enhanced performance, serviceability and truly green credentials. The B-EX range boasts further sophisticated features: data logging function; internal file storage; automatic thermal printhead DPI detection; LAN address display; simple LAN set-up; graphical sensor threshold on display; auto-home position function; firmware update via external memory; RFID ready Reliability and performance usually come at a cost, but with the B-EX series, premium capabilities come as a standard, essentially lowering intitial capital outlay and future proofing your investment. The emulation technology enables Toshiba printers to work with ZPL IIĀ® data streams allowing you to enhance your labels without modifying your current system. No software changes are required, just install the printer and start working. Free yourself from the restrictions of your legacy systems, protect your future investments and lower the total cost of ownership (also available for other data streams). B-EX has a long life printhead, reducing running costs. Features include: side opening; double ribbon motor control; automatic centre media loading; near-edge or fl at printhead; optional ribbon save; BCI (Basic Command Interpreter) compatibility; emulation functionality.  
Toshiba B-EX4T Benchtop Label Printer
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