Monarch 1153
Three Line Price/Date Gun



The 1153® 3 Line Handheld Price Labeller with large labels and print format allow you to pack plenty of information on a single generous size label.

Perform a variety of functions in many different environments. Quality checks in the factory, inventory control for shipping and receiving, recording serial numbers, in your stockroom and on the selling floor–the 1153® 3 Line Labeller does it all!

Monarch 1153
Three Line Price/Date Gun Benefits

The ultimate in price labelling and information printing – three lines with up to 36 positions!

Ideal Label Applications
  • Price Comparison
  • Department Numbers
  • Style or Serial Numbers
  • Numeric Dates
  • Employee Numbers
  • Shift and Location Info

Easy to Use

The easy-load design makes changing labels a snap–on average 75% less time compared to other Labelers. No complicated feed patterns. Labels flow easily through labeler with minimal waste. The Monarch® 1153® 3 Line Labeller has an easy-turn dial that enables you to instantly print labels or make on the spot changes. Print clear, easy-to-read labels for positive identification. The snap-in/pop-out ink rollers are easy too–takes 97% less time to change than other Labelers. Alleviate messy ink on your hands, clothes or merchandise.


The Monarch® 1153® 3 Line Labeller has minimal moving parts so there is less downtime. The ABS plastic used in our Labeler is nearly indestructible. Tested and shown to withstand multiple impacts from being dropped a distance, up to five feet from the floor. Our ink rollers give you consistent print on every label everytime. All Monarch® Labelers have a One-Year Written Warranty

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