Use By Labels vs Best Before Labels. The difference.

Whenever you take notice of the labels on food products, you probably notice two different dates. The use by and best before. But have you ever taken the time to understand the differences between the two? Chances are that you haven’t. In this article, we’ll outline the key differences between the two so that you … Read more

Foodtech Packtech 2018

Foodtech PackTech 2018: During September 2018, William Brandt Technology was proud to have taken part in the Foodtech PackTech expo in Auckland. Held every two years, the Foodtech PackTech expo is the biggest food and beverage trade show that’s held in New Zealand. The value of Food and beverage exports in New Zealand is approximately … Read more

Fine Food Show 2018

Printing Food Labels at Fine Foods 2018 Showcasing the most advanced equipment from leading food and drink producers and the hottest industry trends, Fine Food New Zealand never fails to disappoint. In addition, it provides ample opportunity for people to connect and network with each other. As a leading distributors of label printers in New … Read more