Foodtech PackTech 2018:

During September 2018, William Brandt Technology was proud to have taken part in the Foodtech PackTech expo in Auckland. Held every two years, the Foodtech PackTech expo is the biggest food and beverage trade show that’s held in New Zealand. The value of Food and beverage exports in New Zealand is approximately $24 billion, which is around 55% of New Zealand’s total merchandise export value.

This figure is expected to triple over the next 15 years, so taking part in this trade show is imperative for us. This time round, we had particular interest from the wine industry as well as a number of food manufacturers. Along with giving our costs per label on the spot, we launched the Trojan T2-C, a digital mini press, to the New Zealand market. The feedback we received on the Trojan T2-C was largely positive.

Food & Beverage Labelling with the Trojan T2-C:

What makes the Trojan T2-C so remarkable is that it is the first ever high capacity, high volume tabletop label press which has the capacity of a larger press. This means that it can produce high quality prints with precision over a long period of time, which subsequently leads to new opportunities.

If your business if looking to add high-resolution colour inkjet labels to your portfolio, then you won’t be disappointed. The Trojan T2-C has a superior print resolution of 1,600 DPI and allows labels to be printed in one large size or in multiples. With a footprint of 4 square feet it can fit comfortably into any environment. And, with an impressive print speed of 12 inches per second it allows your business to generate long runs in short timespans.

If you’re after a reliable desktop label printer that’s easy to use and has excellent precision, then come talk to us about the Trojan T2-C today.

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