The New Zealand Hair and Beauty Expo 2019

The New Zealand Hair and Beauty expo is a biennial trade show that showcases the best brands in the skincare and beauty industries. As the leading tradeshow in these industries, we were delighted to take part and showcase our products on the 15th and 16th of July in Auckland.

Cosmetic Product Labelling and Packaging

You might be wondering now why a label printing company would take part in this event? This is probably because you know that our products don’t make people look anymore younger or prettier. However, what they do is make the products look more attractive instead. Product packaging plays a critical part in the sales process of cosmetic products, so we were out there with our range of QuickLabel colour label printers.

QuickLabel are the leading manufacturers worldwide of colour label printers and their Kiaro range is well known. During this expo, we had the Kiaro! D and Kiaro QL-120 printers on display which gained a lot of attention. The beauty of these printers is that they print high-resolution images at rapid speeds. A lot of companies in the beauty and skincare industries have large production chains and these printers can print at their required speeds.

Another benefit that the Kiaro! Range offers these companies is that they can print labels in short run batches as they need them. Many of the other printers on the market have troubles with this which makes the Kiaro printers a very cost-effective option. If you’re after high quality label printers that deliver exceptional labels with stunning imagery, then come talk to us today.

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