5 Considerations When Evaluating Colour Label Printers

When looking to the market to determine the best colour label printer for your requirements, consider the following:

See Your Label Artwork Printed In Front of You

Expose any faults in the printer by seeing it in action. Provide image samples to your printer specialist and get a run printed on demand. Printed samples are great but to truly understand what the capabilities of the machine are, you should get an in-person or live virtual demonstration. We offer virtual and in person demonstrations, schedule here.

There’s More Than Just the Print Speed

Look beyond the print speed to determine efficiency. Other factors such as maintenance procedures, processing time delays and loading times can have a big impact on productivity.

Be the Judge of Your Quality

The printer specifications for “resolution” don’t imply “print quality.” Due to the trade-off in print quality and speed and other printing factors, your quality judgment is more accurate than technical specifications.

Know the Exact Cost for Your Printed Label Roll

After a full roll of your designed labels is printed, ask the supplier you’re evaluating to calculate the total label cost. Make sure they include everything, including the ink and blank material. Click here to go to our label cost calculator.

Determine the Best Stock and Maintenance Providers

Know the best substrate for your labels and select your provider accordingly. Take into account their delivery timeframe and the cost of a die-cut label. With a maintenance provider, choose one that provides an on-site repair service or readily available phone support.


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