Why Sustainable Packaging Benefits your Business

Why Sustainable Packaging Benefits your Business

Packaging is an integral part of your product, and contributes greatly to point-of-purchase sales – much like the cover of a book, eye-catching! Packaging conveys professionalism and expertise. It also contributes to a brand’s personality, which is encompassed in font, colour, and even material. So then, why should you choose sustainable packaging materials for your brand?

Marketing Advantages

In a highly competitive and saturated market, it’s important to set yourself apart. Sustainable packaging solutions provide for a competitive selling point. Why? Because now more than ever, consumers are increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint and purchasing habits. A recent study has found that 62% of consumers in New Zealand are more likely to buy from brands that use sustainable packaging.

Meet Consumer Expectations to Save the Planet

This one is obvious. We owe a duty to future generations to preserve our planet. To operate an economy and market that is kind to the environment. Being environmentally conscious is not a value proposition, it’s simply what consumers expect.

‘Sustainable business practice involves the ability of current markets to meet their present needs, while at the same time, ensuring that future generations have the ability to satisfy their own needs.’

How can your business make a difference?

William Brandt Technology provide a range of eco-friendly label materials that help you reduce your carbon footprint. We offer paper label materials made from grass-pulp, which uses 6000 times less water than traditional label production methods. We also provide a range of other eco-friendly labels that include a hemp based label material and a grape label that is perfect for wine bottles. This may sound like a product catalogue for a farmers market, but these plant based label materials are becoming increasingly more common.

Turn to eco-friendly labelling options to meet the needs of both the consumer and the planet.

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