Endless Labelling Options


Begin by looking at your product:

Nobody quite knows your branding strategy like you do. Consider factors such as container size, as well as factors such as the finish you want – whether that be semi-gloss, matte, or perhaps a shiny gloss. Do you need to be printing on clear or coloured substrates? What are your label dimensions? These questions will prompt you to select a printer by a process of elimination – ultimately pairing you with the right printer for the job.

Next, consider your products journey:

From manufacture to customer delivery, what sort of elements will your label be subject to? Will your products be subject to freezing temperatures? Or, perhaps they will come into contact with chemicals? If so, freezer grade adhesives or chemical resistant materials will be needed. The need for things such as removable adhesives, alongside examples specified above, can help you further narrow your printer selection process. Product flyers, with their various specifications, can be provided on request.

Estimate print volumes:

How many labels will you need per week? If requiring large volumes of product labels at consistent qualities, the print speed of a printer becomes an invaluable factor in your decision making process.

Does the printer provider offer a complete package?

Does the provider of the printer offer a total solution for your printing needs? This will include a timely and reliable supply of consumables (ink cartridges, label stock), as well as instalment and tutorial support. Does your printing provider offer a compatible software, which provides ease of use and total control of your labelling operations?

P.S. We do, and we even offer remote web-based support!


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