Loading Labels and Changing Ribbons Thermal Label Printer

How To Load A Roll Of Labels & Change Ribbons In A Thermal Label Printer:

Setting up your label printer should be a straightforward task. However, if you’re unsure it can give you headaches as you lose precious time. Follow this guide below to save yourself time and stress.

Loading Labels Into A Thermal Printer:

  1. Flip open the lid
  2. Take the spoolers out of the bag and put the parts together (if new).
  3. Find the lever on the right-hand side of the printer and push it to make the printer head tilt up.
  4. Place the roll of labels at the back of the machine (see image).
  5. Open the internal guides and pull the label through the machine. Close the internal guides to finish it off (see image).
  6. Lift up the label and make sure that its sitting in the middle of the label sensor.

Changing Ribbons In A Thermal Transfer Printer:

  1. Thread the spooler through the core of the new ribbon and load it into the supply spooler (see image).
  2. Grab the other side of the ribbon, feed the spooler through the core and load it into the take up spooler (see image).
  3. Tighten the ribbon by turning the knobs accordingly (see image).
  4. Close the printer head and the lid and test the machine.

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