The Top 5 Advantages of In-House Colour Label Printing

1) Reduced Inventory

In-house label printing allows businesses to produce labels on demand, thereby reducing the amount of inventory needed on the shelves. The ability to produce high-quality labels just-in-time means that costs sunk on inventory space can be used elsewhere.

Additionally, a roll of labels left on the shelf for an extended period of time is subject to reduced quality as the adhesive properties lessen, dirt and dust take its toll, and the label gradually yellows  with exposure – avoid these mishaps by printing in-house.

2) Ease of Use

Installing, operating and designing your labelling requirements have never been easier, with comprehensive support available and an easy to navigate software. The printing units themselves are easy to operate, with physical prompts and instructions available on the unit for further guidance.

3) Lower Costs

Most outsourced labels require a minimum order quantity, or have a higher cost for small
batches. As such, short run batches are cheaper when printing in-house.

QuickLabel’s optimised ink usage systems mean that you pay less per label. With reduced ink wastage and ink cartridges that last. It’s not often that managers consider the hidden labelling costs of timely inefficiencies like mislabelling, recalls or obsolete inventory.

4) Enhanced Flexibility

With the QuickLabel printing software, customisations and refinements to your label designs can be made at record speed. For manufacturers with a family of multiple products, having the required labels on hand is essential in meeting deadlines and fulfilling customer orders.

Furthermore, the unpredictability of label availability is eliminated with an in-house printer – provided managers maintain a sufficient stock of printing supplies.

5) Maintain In-House Quality Control

Full control of your label production process enables you to ensure the utmost professionalism for its design and visual appeal.

There are no additional costs to add or remove label content on following runs, perfect for governmental regulations on label requirements, seasonal promotions or ingredient updates.


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