Our Greatest Invention is still Unfolding

The Printing Press

Mankind’s Greatest Invention Think of a world where every text you read has been written by hand. Books are most often limited to one copy, sometimes several if it were a bible, but there exists no mass production of textbooks, scholarly journals, or any kind of literature. Your labels would also all be written by … Read more

Endless Labelling Options

Open 120. Quicklabel printer

FINDING A COLOUR LABEL PRINTER TO FIT YOUR NEEDS Begin by looking at your product: Nobody quite knows your branding strategy like you do. Consider factors such as container size, as well as factors such as the finish you want – whether that be semi-gloss, matte, or perhaps a shiny gloss. Do you need to … Read more

The Top 5 Advantages of In-House Colour Label Printing

in house colour label printers that are the quicklabel range

1) Reduced Inventory In-house label printing allows businesses to produce labels on demand, thereby reducing the amount of inventory needed on the shelves. The ability to produce high-quality labels just-in-time means that costs sunk on inventory space can be used elsewhere. Additionally, a roll of labels left on the shelf for an extended period of … Read more