Do you like waiting?

Time is Money Saving time with in-house colour label printing is possible! The old saying goes, ‘time is money,’ and in the business world that is most certainly true. Nobody likes waiting, whether that be in the doctors office or in sluggish traffic, and I personally find myself increasingly agitated by delay. These lengthy lead … Read more

Why Sustainable Packaging Benefits your Business

Planet, Eco-Friendly Packaging

Why Sustainable Packaging Benefits your Business Packaging is an integral part of your product, and contributes greatly to point-of-purchase sales – much like the cover of a book, eye-catching! Packaging conveys professionalism and expertise. It also contributes to a brand’s personality, which is encompassed in font, colour, and even material. So then, why should you … Read more

Our Greatest Invention is still Unfolding

The Printing Press

Mankind’s Greatest Invention Think of a world where every text you read has been written by hand. Books are most often limited to one copy, sometimes several if it were a bible, but there exists no mass production of textbooks, scholarly journals, or any kind of literature. Your labels would also all be written by … Read more

Endless Labelling Options

Open 120. Quicklabel printer

FINDING A COLOUR LABEL PRINTER TO FIT YOUR NEEDS Begin by looking at your product: Nobody quite knows your branding strategy like you do. Consider factors such as container size, as well as factors such as the finish you want – whether that be semi-gloss, matte, or perhaps a shiny gloss. Do you need to … Read more

What are different print technologies?

Colour Label Printing, Branding

WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT PRINT TECHNOLOGIES? We understanding that colour label printing is not everyone’s field of expertise. As such, we have provided a glossary with some essential jargon and definitions to help you better understand your printing requirements and processes. Let’s begin! Thermal Direct Printing – thermal direct printing does not require a ribbon … Read more

The Top 5 Advantages of In-House Colour Label Printing

in house colour label printers that are the quicklabel range

1) Reduced Inventory In-house label printing allows businesses to produce labels on demand, thereby reducing the amount of inventory needed on the shelves. The ability to produce high-quality labels just-in-time means that costs sunk on inventory space can be used elsewhere. Additionally, a roll of labels left on the shelf for an extended period of … Read more

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